How to order

How to order

How to order
To order product  from this website from anywhere  in the world 

1 Choose your product then click on that particular product that will lead to next page. Now  click on   options add to cart  from here you can order multiple products or click on check out

2 .In the next step .If you are new  user  you need to create account  or just click on express check out which will lead you to page where it ask you to fill  billing and shipping address this  process  has to be  complete .If you are  old user  no need to  create account.,just fill email id & password . In  the case you don't remember your password , just click on  Forget password  immediately  you will retrieve your new password  which will mailed to your email id 

3 In this step. please make sure, you fill in all required field. Let us clarify you billing and shipping address can be same in such case, please tick on a button that is shown in between billing and shipping addresses.Now proceed further buy clicking on  next

4 Now  in next step will show your billing as well shipping address. If  you  want to change your address  you can.At the end of the page, you can give delivery instruction as well as your  personalized message and  please mention date of delivery  there.After completing this click on next

5 Now it will lead you-you type of delivery you want. Usually, we don't charge extra. But for, Midnight deliver  or remote areas that  come under express delivery  for this we charge extra . If  your delivery comes under  express deliver then only click on express delivery  otherwise click on  jasmine flowers. For remote location, please verify with our  executive before placing order . Now  if you agree with  our term and condition , please tick the box that means you agree with our term and condition, now proceed further by clicking on next 

6  Now you will going to screen  confirming way of payment.We offer you three option

 1 Offline method. Here you can pay us  by the cash deposit, by cheque & by demand draft  by depositing  in our bank account  which is already mentioned in payment option.  For this you need to click on following tab" pay by cheque", "pay by bank wire"( it means your depositing cash in our account)

 2  This will confirm your order  and you will receive email of your order

 3  You can also pay by Paypal . But it only  accept  credit card no debit card accept here. When you will click on"pay by pay pal ", it will lead to  screen . Here you need to enter your billing as well as credit card information. Its safe because we don't get information about your transaction , we only come to know what product you have ordered and shipping address as well your delivery instruction

4  We accept payment by ebs. ebs is payment gateway  which is verisign secured . Here they provide us facility to accept payment by  credit cards, debit cards of various bank, internet banking( in this you can transfer fund from your bank to there bank . For using this facility you need to have user id as well as password which is provided to you by your bank) , they also accept cash card like donor , they also provide facility of payment by mobile. When you click on ebs , it will direct you  to the screen where they will  show you various option which we mentioned above, click on any  of these  and complete formality and your order is complete

 5 After completing this process which is not tedious at all, it will take hardly few minutes. Our executive will send  you the mail of acknowledgement  of your order